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Care Instructions for Hoop Earrings

Your earrings are handmade, lightweight, and can be delicate.

The BIGGER the hoop, the more delicate they will be.

If you have sensitive ears, always clean ends with an alcohol wipe before wearing them.

Avoid direct contact with perfume, sunscreen, lotions, and other chemicals.

Remove before swimming, showering, and bed.



From time to time you may need to clean your earrings.

Gently soak your earrings in lukewarm water for a minute and then LIGHTLY wipe off any build-up.

Use the included polishing cloth only when needed and polish very gently.

Store in an air-tight container or jewelry box after cleaning and they are completely air-dried.

If you're traveling, the box we ship in works really well for temporary storage. (NOT the bottom of your purse!)


We only use 14k gold-filled, Argentium silver, or 925 sterling silver materials.

The 925 sterling silver will naturally tarnish over time, the polishing cloth takes care of the tarnishing.


How do I put these on?

Never rush to put on your hoops!!

To open hoops, hearts, and threader earrings, twist to the side about 1/4 inch, then insert into your piercing.

NEVER open your hoops wide like a U.

How to open threader style earrings


Safety Backings

Always wear your enclosed backings.

The safety backings are made from soft rubber for easy on, and easy off!

For bigger hoops ( big enough to touch your shoulders) you should ALWAYS wear the backings.

Under normal conditions, your hoops will be secure. When under stress (TUGGED HARD) your safety backings WILL come off BUT will NEVER rip your ears.

My backings are safe enough for little ones to wear!!!

You may choose to find your own more secure backings that fit your busy lifestyle.